Perovskite the wonder material

What is perovskite? Perovskite is a natural and synthetic mineral of the oxide group; it is a trioxide of titanium and calcium (CaTiO3).  This mineral was discovered in 1839 by the German Gustav Rose who named it perovskite after the Russian mineralogist Lev Alekseyevich von Perovski. Many years later a group of scientists formed by […]

Hydrogen as a renewable option

What is hydrogen? Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Stars are mainly made up of this gas, which can also be found in a liquid state. Hydrogen is a really powerful element: it has three times as much energy as gasoline. But unlike petrol, it is a clean source of energy, as […]

2022 New solar technologies

When people see solar energy they instantly think of solar panels on roofs or large areas, but now there are several new and interesting solar panel technologies being developed. Solar energy no longer requires large, wide areas or roofs of buildings, let alone looking ugly or boring. If you are interested in ESCO management or […]

A holistic approach to solving a company’s carbon footprint

Carbon footprint management is a multidisciplinary field and therefore requires a comprehensive approach. As the carbon footprint generated by the company is also an indicator of economic activity, its optimization is intertwined with the functioning and structure of the entire company. From energy, operation of technologies and buildings, waste management, purchase of materials, investments, logistics […]